Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great Quote

Theodore M. Burton:
When I was a young boy we used to sing a hymn in Sunday School entitled “In
Our Lovely Deseret.” We called it the Word of Wisdom song, but it was one of
our favorite hymns and we used to sing it with enthusiasm. One of the verses

*That the children may live long, And be beautiful and strong, *
*Tea and coffee and tobacco they despise, *
*Drink no liquor, and they eat but a very little meat; *
*They are seeking to be great and good and wise. *

(“In Our Lovely Deseret,” Deseret Sunday School Songs, no. 114.)

I was taught at home and in Church to keep the Word of Wisdom. So from my
early youth I learned an important lesson: to avoid those things which were
injurious to my body. . . .

When I read about “health in [the] navel and marrow in [the] bones,” I think
of the possibility of a devastating plague that could overtake the world as
a result of widespread pollution from radiation hazards in a future war.
Could this, then, be one way the Lord might use of separating the obedient
from the disobedient? Could there be some connection between these forbidden
substances and radioactive particles which could cause increased absorption
in the bone marrow, with resultant increased possibility of damage? I do not

I do know that if we keep the Word of Wisdom, the destroying angel will
spare us.

(“The Word of Wisdom,” Ensign, May 1976, 28)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Follow Up on Previous Post...

It happened again this morning.....

Check out this report here. Really?! 25% of men experience postpartum depression? I find that hard to believe given that only 10% of US mothers report experiencing postpartum depression. Well, we have an epidemic now, don't we? I know! Medicate the dads, too!

You know, there's anew law, called The Mother's Act, that basically has Big Pharma down new mother's throats before they step foot out of the hospital with their Big Pharma sponsored booty of artificial feeds. Basically, you get screened and possibly prescribed psych drugs before you can even change your first diaper. And, new mama, if you don't take your magic pills like you should, well then maybe Big Brother can raise Little Johnny for you, until you become a compliant patient. In the old days, we took postpartum depression as a normal reaction to a mother not being supported and educated enough after the birth. But nowadays, you have a disease, you are marked for life. No, grandma's, grandpa's, friends and neighbors, don't step up and help out! Just take her to the corner druggist and pop some pills.

You mark my words, there's a Father's Act on it's way. Because Big Pharma doesn't miss an opportunity to inflate the facts, distort the reality, and medicate us to their liking.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Doping of America: A Patients’ and Doctors’ Guide

It's not often I post on Big Pharma, because I see this blog serving more of a 'food based' WOW perspective, but if you really knew what was going on behind the scenes, that Big Pharma is also trying to control your food, you would see how Big Pharma needs to be addressed in a Word of Wisdom discussion as well.

Here is a great article http://www.ifnh.org/images/ihr3forreps.pdf I am referencing in this post. You know, I started witnessing what this article discribes years ago first hand. If you pay attention, you'll see it, too.

Because I've been teaching a vaccination class since 2000, I'm pretty up to date on what vaccines are being worked on. It takes (or should take anyway) years for a vaccine to be created, tested, approved by the FDA and then available to the public.

Throughout the many years of teaching this class, I'd inform the students of the vaccines 'in the works'. The ones where I got the biggest reactions and laughs from were what I called the 'lifestyle vaccines', ones where you didn't need a vaccine to prevent the illness at all, just some self discipline and knowledge. These included:

Cancers of ALL kinds
Drug Addiction
Contraceptive Vaccines

In fact, many delivery method are also being experimented with, including delivering the vaccine via a cigarette, a tattoo, and in our food supply. I know many people didn't believe me on some or all counts. It all sounded too ridiculous and far fetched.

Well, true to the AMA's and big pharma's marketing form, last week I started hearing one, then two, then three snippets:

"The bacteria that causes cavities may have been identified. Scientists are looking at developing a vaccine to fight it."

Looking at?!!! It's done, it's here. That vaccine is in the approval stages. And soon to be on your child's recommended vaccination schedule, alongside our newest lifestyle vaccine Gardisil. Who knows, one day it may be 'required' for your child to get a contraceptive vaccine before entering high school. Don't think it could happen? Well, a few short years ago people didn't think the cavity vaccine would happen, a few short years before that, they certainly didn't think an STD vaccine would be required for school entrance.

Wake up people, you are being played in the most deceiving way. When you read this article http://www.ifnh.org/images/ihr3forreps.pdf you will see just how carefully you are being played, and what a good player you've become.

The more in harmony you become with living the Word of Wisdom, the more clearly you will see what designs the conspiring men in the last days are using. It will be obvious to you. But unless you commit to live your life in accordance with the Lord's will, you will be blind to what is going on right under your nose.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Solar Powered LDS Chapel!

Yes, that's right....check out this article on The Church's first solar powered chapel! Awesome!