Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slow Death By Peppermint Spray

"MOM! They are all over in the pantry! Seriously, it's grossing me out."

This is what I heard at midnight tonight as my 11 year old came upstairs from getting a drink of water. Who are 'they'?

'They' are the ants. Ugh. I must admit I hate them.

We've lived in this house two years, and our previous Utah house for three, and every June, the ants have moved in with us. It drives me nuts.

I hate the ant poison, though, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

And then my aromatherapist friend Jonelle reminded me (while I was chatting with her on FB) about peppermint oil! I ran downstairs, grabbed one of my stray spray bottles (a 4 ouncer), filled it with water, dropped in about 15 drops of oil and got sprayin'.

Was it an 'on contact' death? Nope. I sat their and watched those suckers slow down, and then collapse in suffocation. I'm ashamed to admit I enjoyed it.

I cleaned the dead ones up, and then waited for more to come behind them. They didn't.

Then I sprayed everywhere. On my food in the pantry, on the refrigerator doors, the floor cracks. I caught a stray one trying to get inside my gamma sealed steel cut oats bucket. I screwed the lid off and sprayed the perimeter of the bucket. then I did it with the rest of my buckets. I created a nice barrier whever I could. Nothing like protectin the hood at midnight!

Now tell me, can you do that with the other toxic ant poisons? I say nay, of course not.

Then, as I came to bed I got the question, "Hey lady...what's that smell?" in a come hither tone, if you know what I mean. (This from my husband, mind you - lest you were wondering).

To which I responded, "Oh nothing, just a bit of ant killer." Again, I ask....can you get THAT with the other toxic ant poisons? Again, I say nay.

Essential oil brands I love and trust? Young Living, doTerra,, and Tonight's brand? Eau de Butterfly Express.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

E is for Eggwashing, Of Organics Even

Here is a great expose on egg washing, you will be shocked!

Honestly, can't a person catch a break around here?

It's frustrating, but not surprising, that even organic eggs are subject to adulteration. What's a health junkie to do?

Buy local if you can.

I am so grateful I have 3 local egg producers within 5-10 minutes of me, and I have seen the difference in my eggs!

Yes, that hard shell is porous and whatever you put on it, or soak the eggs in, gets into your egg.

I think our grandparents and great grandparents would be embarrassed to call what we eat today 'food'.

Granted, it's just the fulfilling of prophecy, but it is becoming exhausting to keep on top of it all. Now when our eggs aren't even just eggs, everything becomes suspect.